Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi my name is Chloe I live with my mum and step dad and baby brother, Marius.. I have also got 2 other brothers and one sister who live with my real Dad. My brothers names are Waka and Maklin and my sister’s name is Aliea. Waka and Aliea are twins and they are 3. My mum’s name is Chelsea and my dad’s name is David or Lah. My Mum and Dad are both Maori.

Best Friends

Hi my name Chloe. I have 2 best friends their names are Ane and Mele and raeleen. When I play with them they always make me laugh. I think they're really kind because they share their lunch with me. We've been friends since I first came to this school.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When we arrived at Skateland we put on our Rollerblades and then we went on the rink.
When we were on the rink we were swerving around people.
Dante said to me we can be partners because we are good at skating.Then it was time to go home.


When I was walking up the stairs I heard lots of echoing coming from up further. It looked scary because it took a long time to walk up. By the time I got there the slide looked dark.
When the time came for my turn I had to wait for the green light. When I was going down the slide I was going around and around. At the end I crashed into the water.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chloe's Picnic

Last year Pt England school had a picnic at the Pt England school beach.
We played lots of games. My friend Mele and I went in line to sing it was fun. After that we went to pick some shells and I saw a shell with spots.
My friends found some cool shells too. My cousin came and after that we went to the park. We all played tiggy.
Two of my friends were fighting but then they had a race, and Mele won. My mum was there to and she brought some food and had a cake and some chips. We went to get changed in to our togs and have a swim in the beach with team three.
The water was cold and so we got out of the water and we got out of our togs and went on the park and then it was home time.