Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What does Respect mean to me.

It means that we got to be kind and listen to our teacher or someone use .
It also means that we have to listen to your coach because it could make you win but it about you having fun too and that is one of the things about Respect . But one of my things about Respect is to be kind to your friends and dont have fight over little things but me and my friends are learning that one .

What does Respect mean.

It means being nice kind and stop walking away from your problems and make things right with that person.Then you can be friends or be buddys like me and my friends Raeleen and Martha we are so nice to each other.


Eye ears)look and listen






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  1. HI Chloe,
    it’s me Laita I really liked what you posted... Remember...Eyes and ears...speed...Pasture...Everyone...Co-operating...Together.It's what Pt. England school is all about.So I have to say once again good job


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