Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My friends Character Description

My friend Martha
Martha's looks like a girl with short hair well not that short and she has big brown hazel eyes.She is Short and Her hair is black and light brown and her hair is really straight.Martha is a person that never stays mad at a friend for too long.She also likes to laugh a lot to with me and Ane.Martha is really into dancing and singing and she also likes to be in drama because she really like to be in funny moments.I enjoy doing everything with her because we have lots of thing in common.

My friend Ane
Ane looks like a girl with short hair its not really short but kind of short and her eyes are brown.Her hair is wavy and straight some bits are wavy and some are not the colour of her hair is light brown with black bits of hair to.Ane is the same hight as me so her hight is normal.Ane is a kind of person that likes to make people laugh sometimes she also likes to be around other people. Ane Likes to talk a lot and she really enjoys laughing with me and Martha.I enjoy doing so many things with Ane  because she is really funny and cool.

My Friend Sarona
Sarona Is a kind of girl with long hair that is light brown and dark brown.She is just a bit smaller than me.Her eye colour is dark brown.I really like her eyes because her long eye lasher make them look cool.Sarona is a kind of person that makes me laugh and she is into music and scary movies and she also likes to talk about scary things to me and our friends.I like Sarona Because she is a really funny person and we also have some things in common.We both like the same movies and we like doing the same thing.


  1. This is a good start Chloe. You've done a good job of describing your friend. I think we could recraft it together in to a great piece of writing :)
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Chloe, i love your story about your friends.
    i cant wait to see more on your story's.

  3. Hi Chloe
    Your story is great! My favourite part was that you described them perfectly and that you wrote that you guys got lots of things in common.

  4. Hi Chloe
    Your story is amazing I really like how you said I am kind thank you.I really like how you described them perfectly.Well done I hope you write more story's about your best friends.From Sarona


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