Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Olympics Voice Over

Adia Roman is a famous archery mexican player she has won a silver medal in the olympics sports . she has been working very hard and she hope she would get a gold medal . she has inspired me by her wonderful aming and talent . she was very proud of herself even though she came 2nd . Adia Roman made me like this kind sport because she showed me you should practice all the time and hope you will hopefully look what you're looking for .

Olympic Presentation

Sneeze Story

One day I was playing on the park with my cousin and brothers they were all playing a game and they were laughing a lot but when I was laughing I sneeze Achoo!!! so loud that it was louder than her baby sister crying . So I run to mum dad and said? I think I have a powerful sneeze and her dad said a powerful sneeze? . I said yes yes I do I will show you see . Then she went in the the van and got the duster and tickled her nose then came out a big sneeze .

But after she sneeze her dad was gone she was calling him then he said up here! Then I said where are you ?? Then I look up the tree and saw that my dad was in the tree . Then he climb  down the tree and said WOW!! That is powerful then I was playing around with my sneeze and but my mum could see what I was doing I was blowing everyone in the air but it was fun for them but they dont no what is happen to them .

Mum came over and said do you know what you're doing and then I said no ? I said you are going to make people sick if you sneeze on them then she said ohh!! no what have I done . Then she said what should I do to make It stop and she said just cover your mouth then later on her cousin came over to just play around with Me . Then I was playing then I sneeze on them then I run downstairs and said mum mum I sneeze on my cousin . Them my mum said its all right you just need to get yous to it .

Then I went back upstairs then I sneeze but I cover my mouth and if you have a big sneeze just cover your mouth and then you won't make people sick .

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vallerie Adams

New Zealand has won six gold  medals after Valerie Adams has succeed at shot put . Valerie Adams had won a silver medal but as they took some tests on the lady called. Nadezhda. we found out that she was taking drugs and had been cheating. The drugs she has been talking was only for men .

It was use to keep men strong but as she is a lady she could change a bit and turn into a man. But as you haven't noticed that she was band at that olympic event for 2 years. And that is how Valerie Adams won the gold medal .

Valerie Adams was really proud of herself because she said “I don't want to waste any energy on her. I just want to enjoy the moment and I had left." the news that had said that new zealand people with gold medals get there photos taken . Valerie adams was not in the photo.. 

But we do not know why but yeah and this is my story about Valerie adams winning a gold medal for New zealand And I hope that Nadezhda lady has learned her lesson . And now Valerie Adams has proved that she is a good sportsmanship .