Thursday, July 19, 2012

Me as an Olympic Star

This is me as a Olympic boxer. When I get older I hope I could be still strong like I am here. I like Boxing because in my Dads family there are lots of boys and I fight them and they are the ones who got me into it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In the Holidays I went to go spend some time with my dad . My dad lives in Mangere New Zealand  with his mum . When I went there there were lots of kids to play with and that was exciting because now I have someone to play with . But when I was walking around in my nana’s I could hear laughing in my nana’s room when I walked in two of my cousin gave me a fright but that was funny though .

When Me and my cousins Dean and Rusty  were walking outside they showed me the Kids from next door . There were three girls and one boy we went there because it was one of the girls birthday . One of the girls were my age and her name was Tasha Tasha and me were going to my dads room to see what he was doing . But he was not there but when we went in the kitchen he was eating and me and tasha laughed .

Then after that me and tasha went to her brother and went to see what he was doing . When we walked in my cousin and tasha’s brother were playing games then we ask them If they wanted to play a game with us and  they said yes . Then they said do you want to play hide n go seek and me and tasha said ok  . When we started to play me and Tasha were in  . When we started to look for the boys my dad was helping us .

Then my dad found all of the boys and then the boys ask my dad if he could find me and Tasha but he said I'm having a rest and me and Tasha started to laugh hard out  . But after that we went in Tasha dads house and I ask her do you live here and she said no I'm just spending time with my dad I so I think she might be like me . But the next day she had to go home but when she went it was not as fun but me and my cousins went to the pools .It was really fun because but after that me and my dad went back to G.I

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Term 3

This Term we are learning about Go for Gold that means that we are writing about famous sports like swimming , running races , gymnastic , and all other sports . Pt England school Teachers were doing some show for us about Go for Gold Sports my favorite one was Miss Lavakula and Mr barks fighting it was so funny because Mr barks got scared and ran away .

I also liked it when Mr barks was being a horse for Miss Burn because when she got on Mr Barks made her fall off him.After that my 2nd favorite part was team 4 because they were swimming in fake water but it was still very cool and funny because they were upside down and they were swimming funny . It was very cool to see all my friends again because now I can play with them yes . But when I came some of my friends look different but I dont care because there still the same .