Thursday, November 20, 2014

Year 8 Camp

So this year it was pretty boring but then I forgot that it was year 8 camp then I thought this year would be cool nope Camp was boring I actually wanted to go back to school. Some bits of camps were cool like archery and the food there was yum and yea.

The people in my cabin where Ane.Gianna.Sarona,Martha,Sisila,Porscha,Hope and zAnnliz.It was really crowed in our room. When we got there it look fun there was a funny water slide and there was a flying fox.

The first activity we did was anything was just got kick back and do anything it was cool because it was raining but then it went sunny as . Then when it got to night time we got to play spot light or something like that . It was kinda like go home stay home.

Then we Got in our beds and went to sleep well we tried to go sleep but we were talking a lot.”Sarona” thats what i heard it woke me and everyone else up because martha was being a loud mouth haha but lucky because then i got to get up and get change and not look tired when we go to the hall.

Then we all got called up to go to the hall and talk about what were doing today and today we my group is go to a surfing place I forgot the name. But it was a little bit boring but we managed to survive. And then we got to swim but it was raining it was really cold.

Then after we got back to camp I just went in the cabin and just relaxed in there. Then we Started getting ready for Dinner. After dinner we all got to watch a movie it was called the big bang it was crack up.

Then a another day of camp camp was pretty cool. Well the next day we got to do lots of activity like archery it was cool because i got it on the dot. Then titan gave me 2 dollars. Then we all had some food.

Then at night time all the groups had to make up a song and when we go to the fire we all have to sing our songs i was in north beach. We sang Magic RuDE. Then we all went off to bed.

So the next day we got to go to pools For our last day at camp. It was I went on all the slides.With my friends.Then we went on the bus then went back home and this is my day at camp.

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