Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Weekend

In the weekend I was going to my cousin house to stay over.
Me and my brother were coming to stay over and our friend Starr came to stay too.
When we got there I was the first one, me and my cousin played in her room.
Once we were in there Starr came over, we were playing lost of games like hide and seek but I didn't want to play but I did. “It is fun” I said. When my brother came we played with him too.

Monday, June 13, 2011


At netball we were practising until the other team was coming.
When the game was starting we went to our places . I was GS and when the ball was getting to me I got a goal
When it was the other team's go it got to their goal but Raeleen got the ball and got it back to
our goal, I got it in and every one in my time said "Yes".
When the bell rang I went to my other place, it was GA . When the whistle went I got the ball and passed it too. WA and GS passed it too. She could have got it in the hoop but I got it in the hoop. I was laughing because I got it in so many times.