Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art Gallery

Hello there my name is Chloe and this is my favorite art drawing in our pt England school Art Gallery . This was draw-ed by a boy from our school named Htawara he has done this art followed bye a  Arcimboldo's style . Arcimboldo is a painting like with thing that are fruit made in to a face if you can see that in the picture I have taken here Is the painter who draw this if you click this link you can go on his blog here it is ..

Monday, June 25, 2012

My favorite thing from term 2

Today it is the final week today of term 2 2012  .
 I'm feeling so happy because the holidays are coming up .
I felt like I needed to show you what I like from term 2 . My favorite thing was Art .
We did art because this term we are learning about Art alive . This is a drawing
of me and my friends doing some art of picasso . I got into art because my
Uncle Tim did some drawing for what now .

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This term room 16 have been going on picasso photo and we have tryed to copy it here is one of my drawings of picasso .

Monday, June 11, 2012

Panmure Basin

In the weekend I went to the basin in panmure . Me and my mum go there to talk and walk But this time I brag my scotter with me so I can go down the hills . My mum and me always went there when I was little . When I was little I was learning how to ride a bike but then one day I went down the hill and the water was up and I could not stop I went passed lots of people but they did not stop me . But I was lucky because I just stop near by the water and I was happy because I did not no how to ride a bike but now I do because of that . But when me and my mum were walking a fish jump up and down two times it gave me a fright .

But when we finshed me and my mum went to go play on the skate park I was going up and down on my scotter It was fun even if I fall down five time already but it was fun because the wind was going bye my face and making me cold when I was going faster and faster . Then me and my mum went back home .,Panmure+Basin&gl=nz&ei=xhfVT8DuKeWfiAfhqbSBAw&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CAwQ8gEwAA

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


What does Respect mean to me.

It means that we got to be kind and listen to our teacher or someone use .
It also means that we have to listen to your coach because it could make you win but it about you having fun too and that is one of the things about Respect . But one of my things about Respect is to be kind to your friends and dont have fight over little things but me and my friends are learning that one .

What does Respect mean.

It means being nice kind and stop walking away from your problems and make things right with that person.Then you can be friends or be buddys like me and my friends Raeleen and Martha we are so nice to each other.


Eye ears)look and listen