Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

About my net book


Of the beginning of the year on 2011 all of the seniors got a net book.When I first got my net book I turn it on and started to look at every on it. What I like about my net books is that it has Internet and a Webcam too but most of all is the games they are all fun.But it has been helping us with our work and our typing.Our typing has gone fast to.What The good thing about it has learning games and plus they are fun to.


The Problems about the net books are when the net books Internet don’t work.But that because there is so many kids that have one and kids that are working on so some time we have to wait.When Internet is slow it sometimes takes for long.But your little brothers or sister can break it’ so that why you put it some where safe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

humpback whale

Approaching to the hump back whale there was no signs of life but then it blew out with its blow hole and saw that it was alive.They were thinking, “Why is it not moving?”

They saw that her tale was stuck in a net. They went closer and closer .The whale was scared as we were coming because she was thinking that something was going to happen to her.

Michael started to cut the net. But when they started cutting the net the whale was going deeper under the water.That was not good because the net was going down with her.Suddenly she came back up.

After that one of the men got a small knife and started to set the whale free by cutting the net fast.The whale was to stronger to keep still.

As soon as it was free it was going in and out of the water and started to flip its tale to show that it was happy . by Chloe T

Monday, September 5, 2011


At badminton Room 14 and I went to the hall and got a racket. We had to go get a partner, my partner was Martha. We went to go watch our teacher Donna so we could get some new skills.

After that Martha and I went to a spot and started playing. When Martha hit it hard I was rushing to the shuttle then I hit it back, but the tricky bit was that we had to hit it under your partners head. It looks easy but its not!

My favourite bit was when the girls were challenging the girls and the boys were
challenging the boys. It was so fun because we had to hit it over the net. When it was my turn my partner was Sarona and we were challenging Mele and Tyla. When they hit it I didn’t want to hit it so I couldn’t be out. Sarona hit it and got out because it didn’t get over the net. I was so silly because now I have to serve it, but when I hit it it went over the net Mele hit it then I got out for not hitting it back.

Sadly we had to go put our racket away then we went back to class. I enjoyed playing badminton. My favourite part was when we had to hit the shuttle up high.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In town it was snowing all over the place.This was a surprise because it only ever snows in Auckland about 3 times a century. All of the cars and house were covered over with snow .When I watched it on tv I was so cold.There was a dog in the snow and his fur was all covered over. He looked cold.

When the hail stones crashed down on the ground they looked like big sprinkles of salt.
All of the people looked like big bulky teddy bears because they were wearing heaps of clothes.

THe First Rugby Balls

A long time ago in the late 1800s people killed the pigs to get the bladders from the pigs. They used it to make a rugby ball. Do you know what a bladder is? A bladder is a thing that holds the pigs pee. Why are Rugby Balls are an oval shape?They are like that because the pig's bladder is not a perfect circle.

They used to use these balls to play a game called Bigside. This game was like a combination of rugby and soccer except you can only catch the ball if it is in the air. Once you catch the ball you can kick it anywhere or you can kick for a goal under the crossbar.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Immersion Assembly

As soon as walked into the hall I saw all of the teacher dress up like ruby players.
It was funny because they had bushy hair and funny clothes.
They were dress up like that because it was for term 3.
The teams went up on the stage and the funnest one was team 3 because three of the teacher pick three kids for there assistant. The idea was that the kids are at the back of the teachers and started to feed the teachers oh and the teachers were Miss Lavakula as new Zealand and Mr Burn as France and Miss Walters as Canada.Guess what it was new Zealand won again just like on tv.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Immersion Assembly

As soon as walked into the hall I saw all of the teachers dress up like rugby players.
It was funny because they had bushy hair and funny closer.
They were dress up like that because it was for the end holidays.
The teams went up on the stage and the funnest one was team 3 because three of the teacher pick three kids for there assistant. The idea was that the kids are at the back of the teachers and started to feed the teachers oh and the teachers were Miss Lavakula as new Zealand and Ms Burn as France and Miss Walters as Canada.Guess what it was new Zealand who won .

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Motat Trip

When we got to Motat we had lunch. Before we were eating we meet this lady named Stacy she was the one who took us to the class, we were all excited. The first thing we went on was the Tactile dome, it was pitch black. When it was my turn to go in me and Mele were scared, Mele didn’t want to go in but she did. When I got in I was so scared and someone was screaming in my ear.
Inside there were was two stairs. I was on my feet and Sislila pushed me down and I hurt my hand. When we went down the slide we made it out. We went to the next place and it was the mirror maze. When I went in there I went running and then I hurt myself because I bumped into one of the mirrors, the walls were deceptive. The next thing we went to was the play room, it was fun when I got in there because I went on the spinner. It was fun but I fell off because the momentum was to fast.
It was time for lunch and I played with my friend Raeleen, we played hand games and then it was time to go back in to our groups.
The next place was the cars there was cop cars, Trucks and a fire Truck they were all so different to the cars we see now.
I had lots of fun at Motat.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hi my name is Chloe and my best friends are Mele and Anamei.
Anamei is my best friend because she looked after me when I first started at Pt England school.
When we fight we will still be friends.
Anamei is funny and helpful and kind sometimes.
Mele is my friend too because she is helpful and kind, funny and so nice to me.
Anamei is nice too.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Weekend

In the weekend I was going to my cousin house to stay over.
Me and my brother were coming to stay over and our friend Starr came to stay too.
When we got there I was the first one, me and my cousin played in her room.
Once we were in there Starr came over, we were playing lost of games like hide and seek but I didn't want to play but I did. “It is fun” I said. When my brother came we played with him too.

Monday, June 13, 2011


At netball we were practising until the other team was coming.
When the game was starting we went to our places . I was GS and when the ball was getting to me I got a goal
When it was the other team's go it got to their goal but Raeleen got the ball and got it back to
our goal, I got it in and every one in my time said "Yes".
When the bell rang I went to my other place, it was GA . When the whistle went I got the ball and passed it too. WA and GS passed it too. She could have got it in the hoop but I got it in the hoop. I was laughing because I got it in so many times.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Immersion Assembly

“I wonder what we are going to lean about this team “I said.
But when I looked at the wall I saw the writing it said Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger. when we got to assembly some kids were talking about it when Mr Burt came in the hall
every one was laughing because his hat fell off his head

The Swimming Pools

As I jumped in the pool, the water was deliciously warm. I pushed off the wall with a powerful kick. Gliding under the water, I felt like a mermaid. Rising to the surface I started doing coordinated movements. I tried the breathing position, rolling to breathe. My perseverance and determination started to drain  when I got near the end. I reached to the other side feeling exhausted.


In the holidays i went to my aunties house.
In the morning it was Easter .
I was doing a Easter hut with my cousin.
I was happy when i got my Easter egg and i ate it.
It was cool my Easter egg.

Chloe's acrostic poem


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hi my name is Chloe I live with my mum and step dad and baby brother, Marius.. I have also got 2 other brothers and one sister who live with my real Dad. My brothers names are Waka and Maklin and my sister’s name is Aliea. Waka and Aliea are twins and they are 3. My mum’s name is Chelsea and my dad’s name is David or Lah. My Mum and Dad are both Maori.

Best Friends

Hi my name Chloe. I have 2 best friends their names are Ane and Mele and raeleen. When I play with them they always make me laugh. I think they're really kind because they share their lunch with me. We've been friends since I first came to this school.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When we arrived at Skateland we put on our Rollerblades and then we went on the rink.
When we were on the rink we were swerving around people.
Dante said to me we can be partners because we are good at skating.Then it was time to go home.


When I was walking up the stairs I heard lots of echoing coming from up further. It looked scary because it took a long time to walk up. By the time I got there the slide looked dark.
When the time came for my turn I had to wait for the green light. When I was going down the slide I was going around and around. At the end I crashed into the water.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chloe's Picnic

Last year Pt England school had a picnic at the Pt England school beach.
We played lots of games. My friend Mele and I went in line to sing it was fun. After that we went to pick some shells and I saw a shell with spots.
My friends found some cool shells too. My cousin came and after that we went to the park. We all played tiggy.
Two of my friends were fighting but then they had a race, and Mele won. My mum was there to and she brought some food and had a cake and some chips. We went to get changed in to our togs and have a swim in the beach with team three.
The water was cold and so we got out of the water and we got out of our togs and went on the park and then it was home time.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Holiday

On Sunday I went to my dad' s house.I had to sleep in a tent. That was the fun part. All of my cousins were there but there was mostly boys. We played lots of games. One of the games we played was Army Guard. It starts like the house is in the middle and then you run around the house and try and get your flag back. After that all of the kids went home. I had go to bed but the boys stayed because they live here with their dad. My Dad went to bed too.

In the morning I woke up and had some toast and watched T.V. After that we played around, and then we were going to a party. All the kids there had a race in tens. I had to go home.