Friday, December 13, 2013

Work hight lights

On reading my reading highlights are actually I’m not sure but I like reading my friends stories because there stories are really really funny but sometimes I dont like them because sometimes its about me.When I’m bored I'm read this maori that teaches me how to speak maori so yeah I like to read sometimes.

On maths my hight lights will have to be xtra maths because its fun to some people its boring and dum well I like it because I have achieved all of my add,sub,multiplication and division.At school when theres nothing to do I just keep on dooing my maths whizz I dont really no but when I’m on it I just can’t stop.So yeah maths is my favourite subject at school.

On writing well we do a lot of writing in the morning because of our literacy classes it actually cool in the literacy classes because its fun that I get to help my friends with there work and sometimes they help me.Last year I wasn't a big fan about writing but now I dont really care.

NetBook Reflection 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action World High Lights

My High lights for action world is proble have to be the jousting bridge because I had lots of fun knocking my friend Ane off.My second one is Sorry I forgot what its called but we had to swing to the next poll to the next one.On my first go I made it though and there is a cat at the end that you ccan try to jump over but I could never be able to get over.The next one is the jumping slide the jumping slide was cool because I did a back flip.And that is my hight lights about action world

Action World

On friday the year 7’s had a day out to go to action world.We had left to go there at 8:30 everyone was so excited.One of my Highlights were the jousting bridge because it was lots of fun hitting my friend ane off HAHAHA.And one of my low lights were the crazy ladder because everytime I tried to make it to the top I will always fall off the only one that could do it was wyatt.And then we were playing around and just going on all of them because we had our free time

When it was getting to the biggest one and the hardest one the instructors were showing us there skills it was really awesome me and my friends were having so fun me and ane went on the big one because we wanted to try everything there.That one was won of the funniest ones actually scary ones.

The jousting bridge was cool even though I only went on it once it was because of the long lines.Me and Ane were anguring about if we should fight with the big stick things or our hands but when it was our turn we went with the sticks and when we got to the top I hit Ane face and she fell off then I was yelling YES then I jumped off.