Monday, March 26, 2012

pirate story

Once upon a time there was two pirates and one caption they had a glowing ship this caption was so scary that it look like he had no bones but one day there was two youge girls called Sarona and Ane they were so Dum they almost kill one of the caption.What happen was that they meet a caption called caption Martha it was a girl.She nose not like peolpe stand in her way.They went to decaver the mission map we find two pieces but it needn't make good senten in my self.But the really answer was we made it.

Ben Carson

On Tuesday we went to see Ben Carson .We lean that we had to read books because you can lean things from it.He told us that people all ways said he is a dummy but he said Okay Okay I am a dummy you no why because he didn’t believe that he can’t be smart.But when he was little he through rocks at cars but when he pick up the rock he got it went inside and read a book about it.Then at school the teacher said what is this rock then Ben Carson new what it was call but he waited for someone to put there hand up because you no because he was the dummy.Then no one put there hand up so he put his hand up then the kids said look the dummy has some thing to say and then they got ready because they think that it was going to be funny but then it was not then the teacher said that's right.Then all day he read books and then all the kids said to he whats that whats this then he told them .He knows it wrong but it felt good that all of them came up to me now they think I’m smart.

Then he talk so fast that it sound like he was saying bla bla bla it was cool it sounded smart all my friends were amaze when he said it and me to we said WOW after that we sang the Duffy song .After that we said good bye to him and then said thank you Ben Carson for telling us that story then we went back to school in the bus The End.