Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you Letter

Dear Ms Erick

It was really helpful that you had come to the picnic because if you hadn't we wouldn't of had a great time. It was kind of you to come and spend your time looking after us and keeping us safe.

Every year at our picnic we meet up in the hall to check if everyone is there. Then we all walk up to Pt England beach and sit down and do a karakia. After that we will all just be free to do anything. But not go behind the bathrooms.
My favourite bit about the picnic was swimming because it was fun fighting with my friends and the water was nice and cool because it was a hot day. Also my favourite part of the picnic was getting to hang out with all of my friends.

Thank you

Chloe (Class 2)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

JUnior Kids Intervewi

Last week class 2 had a    to go to class ? to ask the kids what they would like for a toy. So I had to little girls named Tepaia and Winnie. The toys they wanted were a Teddy bear Winnie wanted a brown one and Tepaia wanted a Purple and pink one .They also wanted a Tablet but I’m not sure about that but thats what they wanted.

Tepaia wanted some makeup to and Winnie wanted a Barbie . They also wanted a mini robot to play with. That was pretty much what they wanted So then I had a look at everybody else. Some kids wanted a robot and toy trucks and cars.

Girls, What I think the girls would like is makeup, dolls, teddy, bears, smurfs, minions and other stuff like that

Boys, What I think the boys would like is trucks, cars, minions, planes and stuff

Friday, February 14, 2014


Today was Assembly,Assembly was pretty cool today we had 4 girls come to our school and do a samoan dance for us.Everyone was ask what’s going to happen and who’s performing. After that we had our dances make a video for us of them dancing and also the teachers were dancing in it too hahaha they were good at dancing to. There dance was on mount wellington hill I think.After that They had run on the stage and did another dance. The people in the dance were Tyla,Mele,Levi,Neo and Hope.All of them were all good dances . Then we sang I love you you love me and yea so I knew that every has seen barney. After That Mr burt had done the korero and then he had shown us Stevenson Erick movie about waitangi.


Stevenson Had made this video because this term we are learning about the treaty of waitangi. Assembly was also most over but then Miss Tito teach us how to sing national athenry properly. But it was taking for a little well to get it right but then we finally got it.Then assembly was finish.Then we had went back to class.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Does Empathy Mean To Me

 Empathy, Empathy is about understanding or feeling someone else's emotions. To me Empathy is about looking out for one another and caring for them when there feeling down. Also empathy can mean caring about your friends and empathy can also mean when someone else is feeling what you're feeling .

Empathy is like helping someone that is new to our school and hanging out with them because they might be lonely. Empathy is like when someone is sad about something and you know what there going through so you stay by them until there feeling happy again.

Empathy is like when someone is having a bad experience and you know how they feel thats called empathy. So Empathy is all about caring about one another and helping them out.

So thats what Empathy means to me,Empathy is about understanding and feeling someone else's emotions. :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


1)Protection:safety,caring,defence,looking after gear,being cyber smart,wear the right gear,use the crossing,stay healthy
:protection mean caring for each other and  also to keep safe and looking after our PE gear and wearing it with pride

2)Partnership:better together,HSP,unity,meet the teacher ,teamwork/team member,all in one,
:partnership mean better together and team work with your team members. Partnership also mean all in one because were all better together

3)Participation:volunteering,giving it a go,sports,joining in,
:Participation is like volunteering for something like a sport.Partition can also mean giving it a go like when it was cross country I didn't want to do it but then I gave it a go.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday High

Holiday High

*On new years eve my family and I had a party.My dad was the funniest.Everytime someone came he would run out and do the haka once time he even went on my Aunty's car and did the haka on that.When everyone was finally here we were doing a dance battle.The person that will always win is paris my little cousin.She was pretty funny to because she would go right up to the person and say What What and act like a boss haha yep thats her.

After that we went for a swim in my auntys pool.It was cool because we were playing marko poleo.I was not good that game and then we were boming in to the pool i did it wrong once and it hurt.My Uncle done the biggest one hahaha thats my little cousin paris dad so they both won.Then after that we went inside to have a kai we and chicken,pork,smoke fish and some other things.It was yuuuuummmmy.

After we had a kai we all just sat down but it doesn't last for long.Because we always play around.I just went back in the pool and thats what I did.