Wednesday, September 28, 2011

humpback whale

Approaching to the hump back whale there was no signs of life but then it blew out with its blow hole and saw that it was alive.They were thinking, “Why is it not moving?”

They saw that her tale was stuck in a net. They went closer and closer .The whale was scared as we were coming because she was thinking that something was going to happen to her.

Michael started to cut the net. But when they started cutting the net the whale was going deeper under the water.That was not good because the net was going down with her.Suddenly she came back up.

After that one of the men got a small knife and started to set the whale free by cutting the net fast.The whale was to stronger to keep still.

As soon as it was free it was going in and out of the water and started to flip its tale to show that it was happy . by Chloe T

Monday, September 5, 2011


At badminton Room 14 and I went to the hall and got a racket. We had to go get a partner, my partner was Martha. We went to go watch our teacher Donna so we could get some new skills.

After that Martha and I went to a spot and started playing. When Martha hit it hard I was rushing to the shuttle then I hit it back, but the tricky bit was that we had to hit it under your partners head. It looks easy but its not!

My favourite bit was when the girls were challenging the girls and the boys were
challenging the boys. It was so fun because we had to hit it over the net. When it was my turn my partner was Sarona and we were challenging Mele and Tyla. When they hit it I didn’t want to hit it so I couldn’t be out. Sarona hit it and got out because it didn’t get over the net. I was so silly because now I have to serve it, but when I hit it it went over the net Mele hit it then I got out for not hitting it back.

Sadly we had to go put our racket away then we went back to class. I enjoyed playing badminton. My favourite part was when we had to hit the shuttle up high.