Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In the Holidays

In the holidays I went to my nana’s house.When I got there I played with my cousin melissa and my little brother and sister there names are Aaliyah and Waka . We lots of kewl games but my favourite game was at dark time because my cousins claudia came over and we played hide and go seek in the dark in the setting room .It was more better because the person in was blind folded . I was in i had to turn around 5 times then try catch them it was Easy because I could hear them and I didn't make a sound so I can sneak up on them. Then After that we went outside to have so dinner we had a BBQ It was yummy.Me and my cousins were having lots of fun the next game we play was scary cause my Uclen was chacing us and I was screaming with some of my other cousin. My other cousin came over to have some kia .So we played with my Ulcen but he got my cousin kennedy and I tried to help him but my Uncle tickled me so I couldn't And that's what I did I the Holidays.


  1. Hello Chloe,
    Its sounds really fun staying at your grandmas house with your cousins because I was at my cousins house too. Fantastic writing by the way.

    By sesalina

  2. thank you and i hope to see something on your blog

  3. Hi Chloe I really like your story about the holidays. It sounds like you had fun at Grandmother's house.


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