Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Motat Trip

When we got to Motat we had lunch. Before we were eating we meet this lady named Stacy she was the one who took us to the class, we were all excited. The first thing we went on was the Tactile dome, it was pitch black. When it was my turn to go in me and Mele were scared, Mele didn’t want to go in but she did. When I got in I was so scared and someone was screaming in my ear.
Inside there were was two stairs. I was on my feet and Sislila pushed me down and I hurt my hand. When we went down the slide we made it out. We went to the next place and it was the mirror maze. When I went in there I went running and then I hurt myself because I bumped into one of the mirrors, the walls were deceptive. The next thing we went to was the play room, it was fun when I got in there because I went on the spinner. It was fun but I fell off because the momentum was to fast.
It was time for lunch and I played with my friend Raeleen, we played hand games and then it was time to go back in to our groups.
The next place was the cars there was cop cars, Trucks and a fire Truck they were all so different to the cars we see now.
I had lots of fun at Motat.

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