Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Prg1: So today was the first day of term 2 everyone was so happy to be back with there friends and Teachers. As always the whole school meets up in the hall for a meeting then each team does a performance for the school to show us what we're learning about for this term.

Team1:The first team was team 1 they showed a movie of them at the zoo. It was about keeping the Animals safe and also us. They also showed us How to protect us and animal by using the objects that team 1 was going to learn about.

Team2:Team 2 had also showed us a movie about airplanes and gravity and it also had this old song on it that our school used to sing. Then all of the team 2 teachers got on to the stage and did a dance so teachers were dress up like planes and some were dress up as a police. THen they started to throw paper planes to the school

Team3:Team 3 had did a performance for us there performance was about a colours. Also did you know that the speed of colour is really fast nothing can beat it.

Team4:Team 4 had showed us a moving about how thing can float . They also ask us question like what one will sink and witch one will float. Like witch one will sink paper clip, Marble or a bowl and of course marble.

Team5:Team5 the last team there one was all about sound. They also had made a music video there music video was pretty cool they even made the own instruments. Then they will have real ones. Yea it was cool.

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  1. Hi Chloe, you have done a really good job with structuring your writing by using paragraphs. I also find light fascinating! Do you remember how fast it travels?

    What are some things that you can work on in your next piece of writing? Think about your use of there and their. What is the difference between the two of them?


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