Monday, June 11, 2012

Panmure Basin

In the weekend I went to the basin in panmure . Me and my mum go there to talk and walk But this time I brag my scotter with me so I can go down the hills . My mum and me always went there when I was little . When I was little I was learning how to ride a bike but then one day I went down the hill and the water was up and I could not stop I went passed lots of people but they did not stop me . But I was lucky because I just stop near by the water and I was happy because I did not no how to ride a bike but now I do because of that . But when me and my mum were walking a fish jump up and down two times it gave me a fright .

But when we finshed me and my mum went to go play on the skate park I was going up and down on my scotter It was fun even if I fall down five time already but it was fun because the wind was going bye my face and making me cold when I was going faster and faster . Then me and my mum went back home .,Panmure+Basin&gl=nz&ei=xhfVT8DuKeWfiAfhqbSBAw&oi=geocode_result&ved=0CAwQ8gEwAA

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