Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Term 3

This Term we are learning about Go for Gold that means that we are writing about famous sports like swimming , running races , gymnastic , and all other sports . Pt England school Teachers were doing some show for us about Go for Gold Sports my favorite one was Miss Lavakula and Mr barks fighting it was so funny because Mr barks got scared and ran away .

I also liked it when Mr barks was being a horse for Miss Burn because when she got on Mr Barks made her fall off him.After that my 2nd favorite part was team 4 because they were swimming in fake water but it was still very cool and funny because they were upside down and they were swimming funny . It was very cool to see all my friends again because now I can play with them yes . But when I came some of my friends look different but I dont care because there still the same .

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