Monday, August 6, 2012


In the weekend I went to the pool at 7.00 in the morning . I went at that time because my mum goes at the GI pools so she can work out . But it was cool because I had the pools all to myself . I play all by myself I know it sounds boring but it not .

But there was some old people there and they were talking to me and yeh . But it was funny because they were talking alot and telling each other what to do . After that I went in the cold pool and that is cold I was doing races .

I was trying to race the people in the other lane but they were pretty fast all right . But this funny thing that happen was that I was watching this man he came out of the changing room and then he started to walk on the side of the pool the he fell in heheheheh .

But then he had to go home wet it was funny but sad because he was sopping wet . But then me and my mum we went home then when I went back my brother was still sleep with his dad ok bye.

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  1. Hi Chloe
    I really liked your story very much keep up the good work. Did you have fun swimming in the pool all by yourself? Remember to check and read out loud your story again.


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