Monday, September 22, 2014

It’s the weekends then next weekends its the holidays this term has gone really fast like really fast. Anyways what I did for the weekends is totally nothing it was boring as. until my neighbor came over with there puppy. Its eyes were blueish grey and its colour fur was light brown and it was as tiny as hat it was so cute.

Then this little girl came over her name was bailee she was coming over to play with my brother marius. Also my step dad was pretty excited to see his sister he hasn't seen her for like 14 or 16 years. So when she came over he was pretty happy . Then we had got a call from his mum she lives in Aussie then we heard that she was in auckland hospital.

Then we all went there and on the way there I was singing stan walkers song Aotearoa  Then all I  could hear  is my mum saying shut up!!!! Then there was silence . Then we finally got there then I saw some hood rats there hahaha and I knew them . Then we went in and the only reason she was in there because she wanted to be in there.

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