Friday, November 2, 2012


HALLOWEEN Hello girls and boys What are you doing to for Halloween? Nice well I am going to have a awesome time. Going to people house and say TRICK AND TREAT and guess what I get free Treats. Halloween is the best time you get free treats with out spending your monye on that well some dose if they are giving it out.There are a lot of thing about Halloween like have a Halloween Party that is my best thing about it. We all ready plan about Halloween. We are going to have a little party an then we are going trick a treat. This is what I say to people when I answers the door TRICK A TREAT SMELL MY FEET GIVE ME SOMETHING ELSE TO EAT IF YOU DONT I DONT CARE YOU CAN SMELL MY UNDER WEAR Posted by Martha R at 10:39 AM No comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook Thursday, October 25, 2012 The Day my Toy came Alive!!!!!!! Hello my name is Emma when I was 3 years old my brought me a doll When I Was 4 I will take every where I go. I will dress her up and make he hair nice and pretty. When I was 5 years old I will take her to school with me and my whole class will laugh at me. But now my teacher she what the best teacher ever Her name was Miss Marry but I. Call her Marry when I went back home Molly began to talk I was laughing because. I thought my mum but something Molly to scar me until she began to walk. I lift her and ask "I YOU REALLY TALKING" My mum yelled out "Emma time for dinner I whispered at Molly "I will take down for dinner if you not talk she said back " yes". We had chicken and vegetable it was yummy I gave Molly some and my mum didn't Notice. My dad came back from work and join us for dinner I ran to my bedroom with Molly. I went to sleep with Molly The next day I look at Molly and said "Of cause it was a dream"Until she began to move As I got older she was like doll when my mum dad and my older sister. Find out molly can talk the or fell on the floor work up and said that doll can talk well I said "Well year can't you see" Now they got really use to it and became family to us. I WAS GETTING REALLY OLDER AND SO WAS MOLLY SHE LIVED WITH ME AND I GAVE HER A ROOM. We got a job at KFC and guess what Got some for free and we had a great life. Not a true story

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  1. Hey Chloe I relay like your HALLOWEEN story. It is awesome.


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