Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

It has been a good year on my netbook. But there has been some challenges from this year like my netbook book running slow and connecting to wireless. Each Term I have been using my netbook it is really good to us. Now we can put our own stories on our blog and our teacher doesn't have to write it again on there computer. It is Really cool because we also get to take our netbook home and our partners get to see how great using a netbook can be. Since I have been using my netbook there were some problem. But I have been able to Get it working. Our school has been learning how to take charge of our things but mostly our netbooks. The most thing that I like is that we dont have to use books and pencils. Sometimes We use books and pencils like for maths and ready. I really hate it when the google chrome kills a page because your netbook running slow. Someone in my class also said that the netbooks should turn on faster and Our screen could be bigger. It would be really better if it could not break easy. I think that we should have a microphone on our netbook so we can do a voice over. I have heard that people want it to be a touch screen. I will really like to say thank you to Mr Burt Mrs Burt Miss Tele’a and Neavin.Because they have been helping us with our problems with our  netbooks .

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  1. Hi Chloe I like your laptop we have them at our school.Im Alex Walker and I go to a school like yours we use laptops and google like your school. My school is Ngatea Primary School.


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