Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In the holidays I went to the panmure pools with my cousins and unlces.Me and my cousin went On the slide IT was really fun. It was fun Because me and my cousin have a way of going fast down the slide.Well we were going down the slide we were coming to the end then the water had come up on us and had push us back a little.We had went to tell our Uncles we had told them to watch us come down the end.

THen they saw us and they were laughing.After that me and my cousin went to the diving board.As I jumped off I had went really deep into the water and I didnt even touch the ground then My cousin jumped to and she said the same thing.WE tryed to touch the ground but we couldn't.When we had went back in line there was a big bee hive all the beeZ were going around and they had moved the bee hive to a other tree.After we went inside.

WE were play games and then we would of went home.

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