Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Immersion assembly

Today was the first day of term 4 it was really cool and funny.Each term the teachers dress up.The reason why they dress up is that each term we have a activity and the activity for this term is what in the world is going on.So first up was team one.The team 1 teachers were wearing fox maskes .They had made a movie for the whole school to watch.There movie was about what they did in the holidays.In there movie they were dancing and playing around on the park.

Then next was team 2. Team 2 had also made a movie there movie was about chinese new years,christmas and e and don't no what E is but yeah that's what they should us photos of that celebration.

Then next was team 3 there my favorite. They were having a pancake eating competition out of noa and miss walters.Miss walters keeps on saying wait wait because she want to put her make up on and she need syrup and cream on her pancake.Then they had finally started.Well they were eating people were giving out pancakes i got to yuum. That's why they were my favorite.

Then it was team 4 turn they made a movie about farmers and they had made there own song up the beat was to im sexy and I know it.It was Cool.

Then it was team 5 the the lucky last team.They had made a movie about there life it was really funny to see them when they were little and this is my story about our first day back to school on term 4.

goal is to remeber to do capitals

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  1. Hi Chloe I liked asembly too it was so cool. i liked team 3 Because it was funny Miss Walters Was funny. My second favourite was Team 4 Because they made up a song Im FARMING AND I KNOW IT.


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