Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I heard a whisper but no one was there.

       As I was walking home from my friends house I had heard a whisper coming from somewhere I was searching around but no one was there.When I had got home I was thinking really hard about the whisper I was thinking was it my mind playing tricks on me or was it real.Peacefully sleeping in my bed as I could hear that same whisper I had woken up and looked all around my room but no one was near to be seen.In the morning I had went to school telling my friend Sarona that I had been Hearing someone whispering to me and she had thought I had went crazy as I saw the look in her eyes.She had told Mya and Helen and they were asking me what could you hear them saying And I had said to them I dont know.Then Me and my friends Sarona,Mya and Helen were acting like spys it was really fun it was so fun that I had forgoten about that dum whisper.But then I had heard that whisper agian then we were looking around sneeky them we had jumped and catch that person but it was not him or her it was our friend sapphire.We were thinking that it was her we were asking why were u here right now in her face then she said to put the rubbish away and she had said this is were we put the rubbish and we all said OWWW.Then we all had went over to sarona’s house and they were asking me lots of question like hell come we didnt hear the whisper when we were with you and I just said I dont no.They were starting to think that I was lieing to them but I was saying so loud I’m not I’m not then they wereing saying ok ok we believe you.Then When we were walking to the takeaways we were all waiting out side for them to be ready as we were boad the whisper was back I could hear it and then I had turn and looked at my friends and said what and they said we heard it.Then we were all getting scared.But I was happy because I thought I was going crazy but nope.Then We were all getting ready and we were all searching and looking around for that person that was whispering.Then I said wait the fish and chips then I had went back to go get it then I heard the whisper but this time it was different this time I had thought I heard my name and I was right I did hear my name then I was yelling what do you want.Then I had woken up and said it was all a dream but then all my friends were next to me and they said oh no it wasn't a dream It was your cousin pranking us you black out when he had said your name so he stopped pranking you and took you home with us to.Then I Look at him angry and chase him around the house.

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