Monday, June 23, 2014


What is Echolocation?

Echolocation is an echo that bounces off an object when you make a sound. Then you would be able to know what that object is by hearing. Here’s an example of the way that dolphins use echolocation. They use it by doing clicking sounds underneath water. That sound bounces off that object and comes back to them so they can know if there is any prey or friends.

Ben underwood is a young man that had cancer in his eyes. His vision was gone when he was about 3 years old. Ben would go outside and play freely. The way he does that is by doing clicking sounds with his mouth that echos to the object and comes back to him like a dolphins . So Ben is able to see without any vision but by hearing.

Echolocation is a very cool skill to pick up but not easy to pick up thats why Ben Underwood was a really smart boy. He was able to pick up a skill that most people have found hard to learn. Most people don’t even know what echolocation means.

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