Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Holidays 2014 term 3

It was a monday morning and for the first time I got to sleep in without anyone telling me to get up. Then I had open up the curtains then I was blinded by the sun as it was shining up in the sky. It was a perfect day but then i looked up at the sky and saw that there were grey clouds coming so it might not be a perfect day.

Then my mum had came into my room and told me to get ready to go to my Auntys house to see my cousins Brooklyn and Orlando. We all had got ready and heading off to my Auntys house.

When we got here we all had some cupcakes and half a cake . Then our friend Starr came over then all of a sudden our friend Neanea came.Then there were lots of people here.

We played lots of games and we all went to the shop to get some lollies and food for our movie and also my aunty Hayley was playing on the dj set on the table shes really good at it. When we had got back from the shop we put on the movie and we watch this really really scary movie I forgot what its called.

Then a few days later It was my birthday. For my birthday we went to rainbow end its was awesome my favourite ride was the powerserge and the log ride. My mum watch the show but the show was cool with those dj’s and that.

Then the next day me and my family went out to dennys.

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