Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life Education Caravan

Lyn, Lyn is a lady that goes to lots of school and teaches then about our and other things.What we learned about is Drug and Alcohol and how it affects our body. Len showed us picture of people and what they look like when there drunk.

She showed us a picture of a boy named James, James was a teen ager he was a good boy and then he wanted to go to a party and some drinks just because his friends were. He was falling over and making a fool of his self. Well he was doing that his friend were just laughing at him.

So they thought they could give him more beer so he could be more funny. Then James went for a nap and his were asking where he was but they he was sleeping his alright. Then the next morning they went to go see if he was alright but then he was gone that day James was dead.

Then lyn showed us a video of people and them telling us that they wish that they could restart there life so that teaches us also not to drink when were older or you can not drink that much beers and vodka.

Those people a now looking for jobs or at less most of them but some of them Don't because of there history and what I mean by that is that the things they did bad still carries on its like what we learn at school thats why we have to leave a positive footprint online and offline.

Lyn has been at our school for 4 weekends this year and I have learned a lot from those 4 weeks. So thank you Len for teaching our school about our body and how to keep it healthy.

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