Thursday, May 31, 2012

Aussie Rules Story

In room 16 Mr S told me and my class that we have Aussie Rules I was happy because Aussie Rules is people teach us how to play rugby .Rugby is a fun sport to play said my friends then we went me and my friend were happy to learn how to play rugby.

But today room 17 was coming to play with us. The first thing we play was toilet toilet is a game that if you get tag by a rugby ball you have to sit down like a toilet . Your hand has to be up then someone has to come and push it down then you can get up and play again this game was just for fun then on the next game i had the ball.

The next thing we did was we had to pick a partner I went with my friend Ane from room 17 .The first thing me and Ane did was passing our passing has to be throw straight to your partner I was really good at that .Then

We did kicks we were not good at it but then I kick from my toe then it went high in the sky because last time I kick with the side of my front then I told her then we got good then later on we went back to our classes.

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  1. Hey Chloe,
    I really like your story it was like you are really good at Aussie rules.Keep it up you should be a teacher to teach kids how to do Aussie rules.Well I really like your story and I'm looking ford to your next post.


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