Thursday, May 3, 2012


On Wednesday me and my class went to the swimming pools It was called the Glen Innes pools . When we got there me and my friend Quziyah had a race to see what lane we should go in but we were both good so we stayed in lane two.The things we did was really fun the first thing we did was the front stroke on a Board .When It was my turn I was going fast . I was going so fast that I catched up to Quziyah .

After that we still had our boards but we hold on to the end of it then we did front stroke again but then we went on to something use  it was my favourite one because I was so good at it it was called the backstroke .The backstroke is just like the front stroke but this time you go on your back .On the front stroke you do it on your tummy.Well I did it and I did it really good but when I had to go back I stopped kicking and drop in the water I was going down down but I was Okay because I can swim so I got swimming again . Then we did it again then room 17 came.So it was time for us to go .
We got change went back to school and had lunch then we went home The End.

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