Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friend Description

This is my friend description about my friends helen and sapphire.


  1. Hi Chloe, I really wanted to read your post about Helen and Sapphire but it says I don't have access. Perhaps you could fix this?

  2. I love the graphics Chloe. I didn't know Sapphire laughs loudly, you must tell some great jokes to make her laugh so heartily!
    Mrs Nua

  3. Hi Chloe
    I really like your presentation about your friends Helen and Sapphire it is very funny how you said that Helen is funny as a clown and she is quite as a mouse that was so funny.Great story Chloe and you described them very well.Well done From Sarona.

  4. Hi Chloe
    Great friend description Chloe i like how you said the i am as funny as clown and i am as quite as mouse. i really like it, keep it up
    Helen Tuakeu

  5. Wow!

    I like how you describe Helen, and she it funny but you should describe sapphire more

    Keep up the Great work.

  6. Hi Chloe
    You made a really great presentation! I like how you drew on their faces. Keep it up!

  7. Hello Chloe ,

    You really did a good job on you presentation about your friends! . I really like how you drew over their faces that just made it more funny ....... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ....

    From Faa''ao.

  8. Hey Chloe,

    I like your presentation about YOUR FRIENDS. It is actually true about your friends that Helen Is Quite and Sapphire is you know. keep the good work up!!!


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