Monday, May 20, 2013


On Thursday we had a special guest coming to our school his name was from the black eye peas.Our school was really excited to see him.It was especially cool for me because I had to perform for him with my hip hop group.There were two Groups that are going to perform for him the hip hop group and the ponamu group.We had been doing the dance from the fia fia night.when it was our turn to perform I didn't want to look at the audience because there were to many CAMERAS!!!! After our Dance we sat on the floor and Will.I.Am had given our school 100,000 dollars then he had started to talk about that we should make the right choices and to pick your friends.Then we had sang strive to succeed to him then we had went back to our classes.

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  1. How lucky were we. And yes you can say you performed for Will.I.Am thoughts outstanding! I'm glad you heard his message, perhaps you could have added a thank you!
    And remember Chloe taking the time to make sure your basic punctuation is correct makes your writing appeal a great deal more to your audience.
    Mrs Nua


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