Friday, December 13, 2013

Work hight lights

On reading my reading highlights are actually I’m not sure but I like reading my friends stories because there stories are really really funny but sometimes I dont like them because sometimes its about me.When I’m bored I'm read this maori that teaches me how to speak maori so yeah I like to read sometimes.

On maths my hight lights will have to be xtra maths because its fun to some people its boring and dum well I like it because I have achieved all of my add,sub,multiplication and division.At school when theres nothing to do I just keep on dooing my maths whizz I dont really no but when I’m on it I just can’t stop.So yeah maths is my favourite subject at school.

On writing well we do a lot of writing in the morning because of our literacy classes it actually cool in the literacy classes because its fun that I get to help my friends with there work and sometimes they help me.Last year I wasn't a big fan about writing but now I dont really care.

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