Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holiday High

Holiday High

*On new years eve my family and I had a party.My dad was the funniest.Everytime someone came he would run out and do the haka once time he even went on my Aunty's car and did the haka on that.When everyone was finally here we were doing a dance battle.The person that will always win is paris my little cousin.She was pretty funny to because she would go right up to the person and say What What and act like a boss haha yep thats her.

After that we went for a swim in my auntys pool.It was cool because we were playing marko poleo.I was not good that game and then we were boming in to the pool i did it wrong once and it hurt.My Uncle done the biggest one hahaha thats my little cousin paris dad so they both won.Then after that we went inside to have a kai we and chicken,pork,smoke fish and some other things.It was yuuuuummmmy.

After we had a kai we all just sat down but it doesn't last for long.Because we always play around.I just went back in the pool and thats what I did.

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