Friday, February 10, 2012

About Me

Hi my name is Chloe I am ten years old. My birthday is on july the 20 and my hair colour is black and blond. My eye colour is black or dark brown . My favourite sport is netball because it is lots of fun. I love to play netball because it keeps me fit. After that I go in the car and listen to the music. My favourite singer is rihanna.

When I get home from school I go in my room and watch my favourite programme it is the disney channel and my favourite book is toy story. When I go to school my favourite subject is playing on my netbook and doing art. My worst subject is maths because im good at typing and writing. My favourite family members are my mum and dad. My best friends are Raeleen, Dhara, Mele, Anamei, Sarona, Ane, Martha, Sisilia and Efilona.

My Hobbies are netball art and running. My pets names are skin and pokana. What I want to be when I grow up is to be rich and famous. My role model is my dad because he is nice and kind to me.


  1. HI Chloe it me Mele I really liked the way to said you want to be rich and famous because I do to. I thought it was great how you said that you want to play netball so you can get fit but just to say you are always fit.I have played netball to just like you. When I first played netball I wondered what it would be the to play and it was fun. I think you should of put a photo of your netball team. Keep up the great work from Mele

  2. Hey Chloe,

    I loved your story about yourself it was great! There were no problems which was good. I hope to read one of stories again. BYE!!


  3. Hello Chloe,
    I loved your story. I liked your picture too. I like to play netball too. I can't wait to play Netball this too. My Role model is my Mum because she does everything for me and my family. Your story Inspired me. Keep up the good work Chloe.

    love Aldora.

  4. Hi Chloe I read your story about your self and It was cool because you put a photo of you on your blog i haven't because i don't know put i will think how to do it . you done a graet job .


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