Monday, February 27, 2012

In the hall at pt England school we had a Duffy show.In the Duffy show there was two mans and one lady.One of the mans were Duffy and the other man was Duffy little brother.The story was about d=Duffy and his brother the next day Duffy and his brother got told by there mum to take the box in side it was there mail.When Duffy and his brother had a look in it there lots of cool things but the thing that Duffy really like was the best book in the world.Duffy read the book but when he did the book was that lady she was was the book.Before that happen Duffy brother was angry at Duffy because he would not come play with him so he went at the back and played alone.

That lady told Duffy I am the best book in the world and Duffy said what is cool about you she said because I have be out to cool thing and Duffy said WOW.Then Duffy brother came back to ask Duffy to come play with him and his friends but Duffy said hold on I am reading the coolest book in the world see and Duffy brother had a look at her and said that dummy book come and play.Duffy said after 5 mins then Duffy brother said ok then.Then the book told Duffy about the cool things she did first thing was a man was look for a give for his dauter then Duffy said would about this book it is the coolest book in the world and the man said um ok then He take her .After that Duffy brother came back and said Duffy Its be 5 mins is done and Duffy said hold on I'm still reading and Duffy brother said no come on manow is crying because I did it he is crying like a cry baby.

Then Duffy said sorry maybe after this book I will help you then then Duffy brother said oh com on and Duffy started reading the book.Then Duff brother went away.After that Duff and the book went next cool thing to do .But do you no that girl I told you about later ago her brother came and take me some where .He he take me on a ride over the sea but when we went some pt England kids from our school was the rock and me and my class was the wind it was fun but after that the little girls brother said this is the best book in the world all right.But the book said he almost killed me I would of got wet but then Duffy brother came back and Duffy mum said to Duffy said go play with your brother then Duffy went inside and left the book there.Then later on Duffy brother was chasing the book around and then Duffy came back and said to his brother get here scruff and then he came back and said to the book sorry .

Then the book said it OK but dont do it again and then scruff saw what all the cool things they did so then the was the end.But then we talk to them and they had a song it is every day im Duffy that was funny and that was theTHAT WAS THE END OF MY dUFFY STORY.


  1. Hi Chloe I like your story about the Duffy and the picture that got's with it.

  2. Hi Chloe I like your writing about your Duffy and it was so good and keep it up


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