Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In the weekend I went to my cousins house .We had a sleep over for my cousin birthday .There was six kids there.After we pick up all the girls we went rainbow send .The first ride we all went on was the fear fall we all went on it two times.After that we went on the pirate ship we went on the top it was fun all of us scream.After we went on that we watched a movie .The movie had moving chairs with it to.The movie was about dinosaurs.It was cool it look like it was coming right to us.Oh and we 3D glasses on us two.When it was done we went on the bumper boats we had to wait in line first but when we got on I bump it to my cousin and she bump into me.When we went off we had some lunch we had chicken and chips that was yummy.After that we had a rest.After that we went on the gold rush it was cool because when we hop in the ride went so fast.But when we were go down this man almost bump into us .When it was done we watched people do somethings that people cant do.They would walk and with a big glass pot on there head and spin it around two.Then we went on the powersurge.After that we went home.

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  1. Hi Chloe I loved your story about your cousin's birthday. It must have been fun.

    from Efilona


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