Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday after to lunch all the seniors had our opportunity to watch a show. We had no idea what it was about or who was gonna perform for us. The people that were performing for us were called the revolution they go all around the world and tell people to stop the bull.

The first thing they did was that they would go around the room and someone will choose someone. Then that person would have to stand up and go crazy like you’ve never been before. They first chose Tj but he didn't dance then they chose brent but at less he stood up.

Then they had us chose who should go up and dance we pick Mr Barks but they called him Mr B . Then as soon as they said can you pick a female teacher to come up now then everyone turned back and yell Miss Paget they went up to her but she was walking away she didn't want to do that she almost lift the room.

But then Semi got up and said he would do it. So then Mr Barks I mean Mr B and Semi had to dance crazy. The song that they were dancing to was harlem shake. Mr B was dancing in the start but Semi was waiting for the main bit of the song came on.

Then Boom! He starting doing the cook island dance thingy then He mixed it up with some twerking. It was funny as but they said they came here to tell us a story.That story was about a boy his first day as year 9 at school and he decided to wear a pink top when he got there everyone starting pointing and laughing then push on the ground and said never wear that top to school. But then two boys help him up and said wear that top to school tomorrow.

They started to ring everyone they know at school and told them to wear a pink top to school they said its pink t-shirt day.Then everyone that he knew at school was wearing a pink top. So then those boys that were picking on him must know how it feels not to fit in. Or get bullied.

They said Help us stop the bullying .There sign is a hashtag how to do it is by doing to peace signs and put them together and it makes and hashtag .Then they told to huddle in and then we all did the hashtag and took a photo.  

Then someone came on stage sorry forgot her name but then she sang variera she was really good at singing. Then it was time to go after the show everyone went to the people and started taking loads of selfies. They posted them all of facebook well some well this is my story about the REVOLUTION.

#stopthebull #revolution   

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  1. Chloe,
    my name is Josh Garrett. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL, USA. I am majoring in education. I was assigned your blog by my EDM310 instructor, Dr. Strange. 0
    I enjoyed reading your post. Bullying is a problem here in the USA also. It's been a long time since I was your age and I must say that the response to bullying has changed over the years. It has now been recognized as a legitimate problem and measures are being taken to prevent it.
    I look forward to your next blog and keep up the good work!


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