Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bugs & Rats in The Shop

Hi my name is Chloe And I am at the shops to get some hot chips for my family . When I went into the shop I saw Bugs everywhere AHH!!! I scream I went to ran out the door but there were rats there . So I called my Friends on my phone to come help me so they came as fast as they can . When I was waiting for my friends to come More and More started to come but I was lucky because Anamei Wakatere and Martha came to help me . They were thinking what to do to get all these bugs and rats out of the shops . Then Anamei came up with a Idea to get the rats out of the shop she got some cheese and run away with so the rats would chase her and right to a trap .But Martha and Wakatere didn’t know what to do AHH!!! I scream Again then Martha run to the shop across the street and got so many bugs spray and Martha Thew the spray to Wakatere then he spray them all but it was not working so he went closer and spray them .Then Anamei and Martha started to help but it still didn’t work .
They wanted to burn the shop down but I was in there with the bugs so they got a hose and sprayed the shop down then I run out of the shops to my house .But my Mum said’ where is the food then we went to the shops again But the shop was all wet because we hose it down . So we went to another shop and got some food then they and went back to my house and had dinner and sat down and we all had fun and we said we will remember this day for a long time . After that we were all scared of rats and bugs and thats The End .

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  1. Hello Chloe,

    What a great writing. I wish you could teach me some of your awesome writing skills!

    From Asena!!


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