Friday, October 26, 2012

The Day My Toys Came To Life

Lalalalalala HAY!! did my doll house door just move (little feet running) AHH!! what was that . I going to have a look Ahh ow its just Lalaloopsy Doll . Hold on what was making that sound then Oh you got me AHH!!! whos there? its me your Lalaloopsy doll . What how who you can talk yerp wow this is cool . Okay so you are like a robot No!! I I am just Alive somehow okay . So what do you want to do Lalaloopsy doll I said hold on um first I would like to know are my other toy Alive . Yes wow where are they they are in your bothers okay lets go . Hay get off my money Bank hey you wanted to play boxing oh no Chloe’s coming . Hay toys hey guys its alright she knows we are alive oh thank goodness how did you find out. I caught Lalaloopsy doll moving  Lets go play outside come on I said okay okay said all the toys and this is my story about when my toys came to life .

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