Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Going to Glen Innes

After school I went to GI with my friends we played lots of games and ran around the most cool thing we did was that we made a crew it all started when we were playing with wakatere he was inside his house getting change then he came out with a Skinnys hat then we all started to wear it then we said skinnys is a cool name then every was wearing a skinnys band but not me but wakatere gave me one then . Then we said we should make up a crew name skinnys then we all said yes . After that we said every week we have to put our hands in the middle and put the hat on our hands then whoever catches it means there the leader for the whole week . Then I catch it and that is cool . It was really fun that we got make up a crew because it cool and this is my story about going to Glen Innes.

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