Friday, May 30, 2014

Explanation of Homemade Instrument

Explanation of Homemade Instrument
Task: Create instructions on how you will make your instrument including the materials needed, step by step instructions on what to do, and explanation as to how the sound is made.
This doc is a really rough outline for setting out your writing. You should use images and even video where appropriate.

Materials Needed:

Instructions for Homemade Instrument:
  1. first you will need 5 straws
  2. then cut them shorter and shorter on each one
  3. then tape them all together
  4. then blow through it
  5. then sound comes out

Explanation of how sound is created:I am going to explain how it makes sound

Main reason:when blow through the straw it makes a funny sound

Second reason:because it is hollow in side

Third reason:then the sound travel through the straw

Fourth reason:Then sound comes out from the bottom

Conclusion:when you blow through the straw it makes sound

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