Monday, May 26, 2014

Science Roadshow

On friday classes 2 and 5 had a opportunity to go to the science roadshow at tamaki college.

We had to get to school before 8:30 so we can go there early. We all had to pay 8 dollars. When we got to school the teachers mark the roll then we all lined up outside. Then we all headed off to tamaki college by feet.

When we finally got there,There was this tall really really really tall man at the door he was telling us about it and what kind of things that were in there. Then he told us to head in side line by line.

As we were walking inside there were lots of in there. We all sat on the chairs that were inside. There 3 people in front of us. They were telling us some interesting thing and what will happen. Then all told us to have a look around and and found out how it works.

When we were having a good look around we all had a little card and we all had to figure out what thing where and how they work. When you finish everything on that card you will have write your name on it and put it in the box so you can win a prize.

Then we all got called back. Then they were announcing who the winners were and the two winners were martha and sonny and they won a pen.

Then they were as a balloon and they were blowing it up with some kind gas and we all had to block because it was that loud but the teachers were ear gear thingys.Then we all went back to school.

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