Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country 2014

Its cross country yaaay. The day that most people hate or most people wag because they dont want to run.Well today I decided that i'm going to go and have fun and try my best. When I went lots of people made the same decision as me.

Arinnnngg!!! The bell had rung it was time for cross country everyone raced to the court and went into there team lines. As I was looking around I could see by everyones face that they were pretty nervous or rather really excited.

It was a nice sunny day today and I was getting really hot I didnt no if it was because it was because it was getting close to my turn to go or because the concrete was getting really hot.

Then all you see is that me and sarona get up and go to the taps to wet our feet. We also had a little water fight Okay Okay I mean a lot. Then miss nua took the year 7 and 8s to the bottom field so we can cheer the people that go past.

Watching people run past was making me want to run with them i just really wanted to get it over and done with.Then it was mine teams turn we were the last race. The snap Mr burt snap his thing then I raced to the front then I went back to run with ane and sarona.

Then most of the run we were laughing were we looking forward to going in the mud but there was no mud.But the good thing is that we had fun and we did then at the end we came a tie.

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