Friday, February 14, 2014


Today was Assembly,Assembly was pretty cool today we had 4 girls come to our school and do a samoan dance for us.Everyone was ask what’s going to happen and who’s performing. After that we had our dances make a video for us of them dancing and also the teachers were dancing in it too hahaha they were good at dancing to. There dance was on mount wellington hill I think.After that They had run on the stage and did another dance. The people in the dance were Tyla,Mele,Levi,Neo and Hope.All of them were all good dances . Then we sang I love you you love me and yea so I knew that every has seen barney. After That Mr burt had done the korero and then he had shown us Stevenson Erick movie about waitangi.


Stevenson Had made this video because this term we are learning about the treaty of waitangi. Assembly was also most over but then Miss Tito teach us how to sing national athenry properly. But it was taking for a little well to get it right but then we finally got it.Then assembly was finish.Then we had went back to class.

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