Thursday, February 20, 2014

JUnior Kids Intervewi

Last week class 2 had a    to go to class ? to ask the kids what they would like for a toy. So I had to little girls named Tepaia and Winnie. The toys they wanted were a Teddy bear Winnie wanted a brown one and Tepaia wanted a Purple and pink one .They also wanted a Tablet but I’m not sure about that but thats what they wanted.

Tepaia wanted some makeup to and Winnie wanted a Barbie . They also wanted a mini robot to play with. That was pretty much what they wanted So then I had a look at everybody else. Some kids wanted a robot and toy trucks and cars.

Girls, What I think the girls would like is makeup, dolls, teddy, bears, smurfs, minions and other stuff like that

Boys, What I think the boys would like is trucks, cars, minions, planes and stuff

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