Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Does Empathy Mean To Me

 Empathy, Empathy is about understanding or feeling someone else's emotions. To me Empathy is about looking out for one another and caring for them when there feeling down. Also empathy can mean caring about your friends and empathy can also mean when someone else is feeling what you're feeling .

Empathy is like helping someone that is new to our school and hanging out with them because they might be lonely. Empathy is like when someone is sad about something and you know what there going through so you stay by them until there feeling happy again.

Empathy is like when someone is having a bad experience and you know how they feel thats called empathy. So Empathy is all about caring about one another and helping them out.

So thats what Empathy means to me,Empathy is about understanding and feeling someone else's emotions. :)

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