Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

What happens in a cyclone? In a cyclone it would be really windy and dark clouds.The Water will be crashing into rocks, trees will be blowing around and the sounds of the winds will be loud.

What is a cyclone? A cyclone is huge storms cause by winds blowing around in the air.A cyclone can suck up lots of stuff into the sky because it is really strong because of the wind spinning around fast.A cyclone is really really strong that it can knock trees down.

In during the weekend the weather was bad.There were dark clouds strong winds heavy rain.Some trees have even been knocked down.I heard that there lots of kinds on cyclones.But the cyclone we had wasn't that strong it was just raining with heavy winds.

A cyclone has cause lots of damage all around the world.There a all sorts of different cyclones cyclone lusi,cyclone heta,cyclone yasi and others.If there was a big one here in Auckland I would probable Hold onto something strong like a tree.But even some trees get ripped from the ground and some parents tie there kids onto trees but the tree will get pulled out to there's no use .

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  1. Hello Chloe. I have never experienced a cyclone but they sound pretty scary! I am teaching my fifth grade students about weather right now. I can see you know a lot about this.


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