Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fia FIa

P1:Every Thursday us students at Pt England School Have a Fia Fia Group to go to.There are lots of groups like Tongan,Samoan,Asian,Kapa haka and even Bollywood.Im in HipHop.All the Fia Fia groups a all cool but I really Like hip hop Because Its Fun and I like listing to music and dancing with the beat.

P2:In our groups our instructions a really nice but when it comes to us playing  around and not listing it changes hahaha So thats when we all pay attention.But our Instructors a cool sometimes there funny when they try to do the Dance moves like Miss King.

P3: Fia fia is fun and cool and I cant wait to we do our performs and to see everyone else performs like bollywood hahaha I think that group is cool but I wouldn't be in it.This is Our FiaFia .

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