Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sport At Tamaki College

Each week on a Friday class 2, 4 and 5 go to Tamaki College for sports. We are so lucky because it’s just down the road so we can just walk there. While we were walking the year 12s would be getting the stuff ready for us.They are really kind to do this for us because they’re using their time to let us have fun.

When we get there we are split up into 7 teams. My team leaders were 3 girls. The first game they had for us was that we had to get a wooden plank and everyone in my team had to be on one side. One person had to walk across and jump onto a platform. When it came to the last two people the people on the platform will have to carry the wooden plank then they walk on it. That bit was hard.

The next game was chain tiggy. In that game 1 person will have to be in and if they tag someone then they have to hook arms there tag more people. Then it will keeping on going like that. I was one of the 2 people left.

But My favourite game was that all of me and my team would be in a circle sitting on chairs. Then we would have to turn our bodies so that our back would be facing the right person then we would have to lay back on them. Then the three girls would be going around taking the chairs away and they would have to carry there weight.That's when the game was getting harder.

Then it was time to go and thats when we all fall down. We were thinking about what we should call us then bailee had a cool name the heat.Then we did a cheer then got in our lines and then head back to school.

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  1. Hello sweet Chloe,
    I am Jordan and am in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Hearing you talk about and explain these games was really cool! Some of these games I have heard of before, and might have even played myself! Some I have not heard of, but they sure do sound very fun! This is a wonderful thing you are able to do with your class, especially since you have shared in your about me that you really enjoy playing sports! Being is active is very fun, and more importantly good for you! This will keep all of your body good and strong, and most importantly healthy! Keep blogging!


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